Text Box: Specialization
Text Box: The efficacies of unit operations/processes involved in the production of various products and formulations are rheology dependent.  Also the structural and rheological characteristics of these materials have significant influence on their stability, performance, and often consumer acceptance.  Here is a selective list of application areas where rheology has a prominent role and PRAD has the expertise to lead your project to success.
Unit Operations/Processes
Atomization/Spraying.   Compaction/Granulation.   Coating.   Crystallization. Encapsulation.    Extrusion/Spheronization.     Fiber-Spinning.    Fluidization.    Homogenization/Mixing.   Milling/Nanomilling.    Molding.   Physical Separations.    Chemical Reactions.  Sol-Gel Processes.  Spray Drying.   Storage/Transport.  Transfer Operations  Heat/Mass/Momentum.
Powders.    Compacts.  Semisolids.   Suspensions.   Emulsions.    Foams.    Melts.    Solutions.    Nanoparticles.   Nanodispersions.   Nanofibers.   Nanofilms.   Nanocoatings.   Nanocomposites.
Adhesives/Sealants.    Agrochemicals.    Biomaterials.    Ceramics.    Composites.    Cosmetics/Toiletries.   Fermentation Products.    Foodstuffs.    Flavors/Fragrances. Lubricants.  Nutraceuticals.    Pharmaceuticals.    Paints/Pigments/Inks.    Polymers/Plastics.    Pulp/Paper.    Recording Media.  Surface Coatings.   Specialty Products.    

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